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Artemisio Bertone known professionally as ackzz (stylized as ackzz, pronounced "axe"), is a Canadian Electronic Music artist, producer from Toronto Ontario Canada of Italian descent. ackzz produces a variety of styles within the EDM, IDM and Experimental genres.  He released his debut studio album self-titled, ackzz with a follow up studio album titled, Time Machine in 2016. 

ackzz infobox 2.JPG

Name / Logo Origin

The artist name came from an old email address for lack of a better name. While experimenting with creating a YouTube video for his music with the title ackzz he discovered that with a reflection\mirror image of ackzz at the bottom and both together at a 90 degree angle looked like an ancient symbol and decided to use it as a logo. The ackzz logo was updated January 2, 2021.  Watch the video

Studio LPs\EPs\Singles

ackzz (2016)

Time Machine (2016)

Transform (2017)

Parallels (2018)

Dimensions (2018)

Metaphysics (2018)

Shockwave (2019)

Infinite (2019)

Technologic (2019)

Maximum (2019)

Probability (2019)

Spatial Rifts (2020)

Zambuca (2020)

Out of Sync (2020)

The Mellow Mix (2020)

Radik8 (2020)

Morning Star (2020)

Beings (2020)

Don't Stop (2020)

Back to Music (2021)

Bongo Borg (2021)

iKnow (2021)

AI 2 (2021)

Sub Atomic (2021)

Spooky Particles (2021)

The First (2021)

Archer A-Sun (2021)

Ess & Zam (2021)

Order and Decay (2022)

Ivan (2022)

Contemplation (2022)

Entangled (2022)

Telemetry (2022)

Interlude 4 Revenge (2022)

Elevator 4 Space Diner (2022)

Venus Vikings (2022)

Watch Your Back (2022)

Ritual 3 Nowhere to Hide (2022)

It's Almost Winter (2022)

Supervoid (2022)

It's Winter Again (2022)

Terra Anthem (2023)

Elevator 5 Staride (2023)

Death of a Star (2023)

Interlude 5 Smoke Signals (2023)

The Heart (2023)

AI 3 New Testament (2023)

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